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High School Students Arrested for Political Speech

Only in George Bush's America?™ Guess again:

A group of Cuban high school students were arrested Tuesday, for wearing white wristbands proclaiming, "CAMBIO," according to a report by independent journalist Mario Hechavarria Driggs, posted at Misceláneas de Cuba.

The boys, students at a high school across from Central Park in Old Havana, were taken to a local police station, and their parents were summoned to explain the origin of the wristbands and why their sons were wearing them.

A female student, ninth-grader Carmen Delia, said teachers and other officials at the school — Jose Antonio Echeverria High — have been on the lookout for the wristbands, according to Hechavarria's story.

"In our school, there is a relentless persecution for wearing these wristbands, and students who risk wearing them, can be expelled from school," Carmen said.


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