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Snapped Shot Remembers 2007

2007: The year of rage?
I've noticed a number of bloggers recounting their top stories of 2007, and not wanting to be too much of a spoilsport, I reckon I can do the same.

In 2007, we wrote somewhere around 966 articles, excluding the handful of articles that never made it past the "planning" stages. Of these articles, the ones that caught the most attention were:

#1: Professional Protester, Jihadi-Style (118,298 views)
The world got introduced to Shakheel Bhat, courtesy a bit of much appreciated traffic from Christopher Hitchens. This story even managed to get Snapped Shot to appear on NPR and CNN International (via IBN Live), not that either appearance was anything earth-shattering.

#2: Rage Boy Parody Roundup (25,922 views)
No photography-related story is complete without a photoshop contest, this being the contest for the story above. I was swamped for probably 2 weeks solid receiving and sorting through the contributions I received for this, courtesy Michelle Malkin's interest in the contest. And I am quite proud to say that this contest was judged by Rage Boy himself.

#3: Professional Protester, Palestinian-Style (23,483 views)
Rage Boy fans were elated to learn that there was a pretender to the throne in the Palestinian terror-tories. Or at least, Geenstijl readers seemed pretty excited about it. Oh, and the same rule as above applies here as well. Get your entries in today!#4: Glorious Jihadi Linkage (18,088 views)
Al Jazeera Magazine made the mistake of hotlinking one of our graphics in a heart-wrenching, but totally false story. Considering that little fact, I didn't feel so bad about raining on their little parade.

#5: Updates are Also More Equal (13,968 views)
This was the second in a series of exclusive articles on George Mason University's "non-sectarian" prayer room being taken over by Muslim student groups on campus, and their associated demands that the University construct an expanded "Islamic Study Area" for their own use. Thankfully, the University has continued to deny these demands.

#6: Snapped Shot: Always Pwning Jihadis (13,748 views)
Snapped Shot readers were given a chance to get in on a little bit of free advertising, courtesy an Indonesian website that made the mistake of hotlinking one of our graphics in a pro-jihadi article. They never learn, do they?

#7: Rage Boy: Palestine (12,546 views)
This was the first time we noticed that Shakheel Bhat had a bit of competition in the "Palestinian" terror-tories.

#8: GMU Broadside Stands Up to Inequality (11,529 views)
The fifth article in our exclusive series on George Mason University. It was good to see the campus newspaper investigate this story on their own.

#9: Sir Salman Rushdie: Day of RAGE Edition (10,341 views)
This was the fifth day in a week of protests over the granting of the Knighthood to Salman Rushdie, made all the more famous by a cameo appearance by Rage Boy.

#10: Words of Wisdom from Capitol Hill (7,083 views)
Ever wonder what your Congressional staffers think of you? We had a rare chance to see their thoughts firsthand, and I've still gotta say: They ain't pretty.

Honourable Mentions:
While these stories weren't in the top ten, they almost were.

#11: Rage Boy Photoshop Contest: The Results Are In (6,596 views)
My congratulations again to Scott, who was singled out as being the photoshop that brought a tear to Rage Boy's eye.

#12: Professional Protester, Palestinian-Style (6,223 views)
I have a distinct feeling that we'll be seeing The Mustache again soon.

Whatever 2008 holds, I hope that it will be as entertaining for us all as 2007 was!



#1 Rooster 02-Jan-2008
... sadly 2007 will not remember SnappedShot.
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 02-Jan-2008
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