The Ghost of Snapped Shot

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Snapped Shot makes SvD

It would appear that columnist Per Gudmundson has made a passing reference to Snapped Shot in an opinion column he wrote for Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, shortly after posting this article on his personal blog. I don't speak a lick of Swedish, but the autotranslated text hints at what he's saying:

Contemplate they the four pictures above. They come everyone from AP, that international news agency that SvD subscribes on. The pictures are taken wide different occasions in the Palestinian village Bilin during the year, it last so late that pursues two weeks since. They illustrate all Palestinian obstruction against that Israeli wall - or barrier that it also to be called - that effective protects against terrorism but also hampers the everyday existence for the Palestinians. One does not need to be professional medieanalytiker in order to is hit of the impression that these news pictures arisen in symbios average photographer and reasons. Same one does same give and sheep dividend of news village holds-up each time. The four pictures are only a sample of everyone them that be - with same leading part owner - in AP: s picture archives. And at the competitors AFP and Getty is many more; a summary is on bloggen, that checks precisely bildjournalistik.

It is not the first time that the news agencies' picture of the conflicts in it muslimska the world is questioned. During the year, the concept has Pallywood occurred all more diligent, as a concentration term stem it successful medieoffensiv as been pursued from the Palestinian side and as the news agencies to are visible entirely without reflektion wide area provides. The news' alone råmaterial is questioned everything more often.

Many thanks for the mention, Mr. Gudmundson!



#1 Rooster 03-Jan-2008
Thanks for the screenshot...
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