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The Joys of Firsthand Reporting

Here's a nice example of the types of details one can get from firsthand accounts, courtesy Yoni Tidi. First, the newswire report:

IDF Finds Gun in Arab Vehicle in Hevron
An IDF force discovered a handgun in a car driven by Arabs in Hevron Wednesday night.

The car's driver and a passenger were arrested.

Next, the behind-the-scenes backstory:

The handgun was not really discovered in the vehicle, one of the Arabs was carrying the pistol inside a folded newspaper and when they were stopped by the IDF he tried to pull the pistol and cycle a round into the chamber but due to his lack of training he actually dropped the pistol on the ground as he was existing the vehicle.

He then tried to grab the gun off the ground so he could continue his attempt at shooting the soldiers. One of the soldiers got to the pistol first and secured the handgun. Both Arabs were then taken down at gun point and taken into custody.

Haha, pwned.

Finally, the kicker:

"And now for the reat of the rest of the story"

The soldier in charge of the IDF detail is my son.

You've raised a fine gentleman, Yoni! God bless you both!


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