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Dang, Why Didn't I Think of That?

...Oh yeah, I did think of it! Oh the joys of having international contacts and a team of patent lawyers on hand.

It would seem that a Dutch company has started charging money for personal messages to be spray-painted on the "controversial" Israeli separation barrier. I guess that means I won't be getting my free advertisement up there anytime soon, now that there's a premium on wall-space, huh?

A Palestinian spray-paints a graffiti message on the Palestinian side of the separation barrier near the West Bank city of Ramallah, Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2007. A Dutch group collects money over the Internet for the project — painting messages on the barrier Israel is building along the West Bank. The project aims to publicize the difficulties while raising money for social projects in the West Bank. For a euro 30 ($43) contribution, a Palestinian volunteer will paint a message on the wall — anything from a political statement to marriage proposal. However, hate messages against Israelis or Palestinians are forbidden. (AP Photo/Majdi Mohammed)


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#1 Kevin 20-Dec-2007
For an extra 10 euros, they'll put up drawings!

#2 annie 21-Dec-2007
Here's a funny one. A mysterious British graffiti artist, a bit of an anarchist, has painted a mural on the separation wall to highlight Israel's "apartheid treatment" bla bla bla.

And wonder of wonders:
the residents of Bethlehem took offence at his drawing and painted over it!

You couldn't make it up!

Schadenfreude - it's a wonderful feeling of a morning. :-)
#3 Brent 22-Dec-2007
So I guess "Piss on islam" is out of the question then?
#4 captainfish 24-Dec-2007
So, a Dutch company (from the country that just recently went head-to-towel with Muslims worldwide over the supposed anti-mohamed cartoons and drawings?) is now raising money to pay palestinians to spray graffiti on "Peace Wall"???

Can't Israel sue this company? If this company is known (the news company was able to know who hires these "artists") then just like any police investigation into the money trail, they should sue the Dutch company for the cost of cleaning their "Peace Wall".
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