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Gerry Connolly's Fairfax County

I spoke last time about the transformation of my local mall from a nice, family-friendly hangout, into a dangerously gang-infested dump—And lo and behold, here's a pristine example of what I'm talking about. I'm glad to see that they are "subject" to deportation after their release, but I do have to wonder how they've been able to remain in the County for so long. After all, if they've been convicted of doing this, what are the odds that they've been arrested before?

Gerry Connolly's Springfield Mall
Five men face 20 years in prison for the Oct. 2005 stabbing of a 15-year-old male at Springfield Mall. The defendants were found guilty in a jury trial of conspiracy and attempted murder in aid of racketeering, assault and conspiracy to commit assault with a dangerous weapon in aid of racketeering.

The defendants: Cesar Omar Hernandez-Perez, 31, Daniel Albert Bonilla Delcid, 25, Rogoberto Hernandez Portillo, 26, Henry Alexander Berrios, 23 and Santos Carillo-Morales, 27, are suspected members of the Normandies Locos Salvatrucha clique of the gang Mara Salvatrucha, or MS-13.

"Prior to the stabbing, the clique held a meeting and decided to 'patrol' to find a rival gang member to attack and injure as severely as possible, including killing," the release said.

The defendants, along with a juvenile suspect, took three cars and found an alleged gang member at the mall and, "jumped, kicked, punched and stabbed the 15-year-old male," with the knife coming within a centimeter of the victim's heart, the release said.

All of the defendants are from El Salvador and upon release from prison will be subject to deportation.

Notice that my house is located somewhere within the map I've linked above. Also notice that the entire area surrounding the mall (particularly to the north and west) is absolutely riddled with gang graffiti, and looks almost completely run down. And yes, we've started seeing gang markings around our house as well.

Thanks for all of the "culture," Gerry.



#1 captainfish 23-Dec-2007
Hey Brian. Sorry been absent. Its been one of those months.

I notice in your story above a word that was repeated several times when referring to this association of peoples....


As if this was some sort of garden club meeting that held a different viewpoint from the garden club around the corner because the debate was over whether to cover or bury roses in the winter.

CLIQUE?!?!?! These are murderous gangs that should not even be in our country!!

I have a hard time believing that these people will be deported. Besides, why in the hell are we paying for their living expenses if they don't belong here? Send them to a deserted island and let them play gang warfare there with coconuts and rocks.

I do not see why my tax dollars should be used to give a murdering gang member from another country a cushy life behind bars where more than likely they can continue their gang affiliation. And if Islam is any example, they can even recruit more members while living off the tax payers dime.

If I were president, I would authorize the establishment of a prison island. How about Puerto Rico? No, too close to USA. I want an island that can be delineated so that no water or air traffic will come within 200 miles of it. Then we take these people to the island and parachute them in with biodegradable parachutes. Oh, and have to make sure there are plenty of sharks in the waters.... so will probably bait the area. Hey, the greenies will love the idea since it will support the dying shark populations, right?
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