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On Second Thought, Don't Google Ron Paul

Yeah, it's amazing what you'll find online if you actually take some slacker's advice and Google Ron Paul:

From Left: Ron Paul, Don Black, Derek Black. The elder Mr. Black is the owner and proprietor of the "hate" site StormFront.

So much for that "R(LOVE)ution," huh?

Charles has an amazing roundup of conspiracy theories that should be worth another chuckle or two.



#1 Robertd 21-Dec-2007
Haha Total setup,,why didnt this photo come out 4 mos ago? They need this story to linger because there is no DIRT, not even a smudge on Ron Paul.

You need to start thinking for yourself dude. Get out of the borg collective
#2 Brent 24-Dec-2007
Setup? Setup by whom? It's a bonafide photo if I'm not mistaken (being talked about everywhere in the blogosphere). Of course, candidates and book signings have hordes of people come through and I don't expect a candidate to know every single person. But collateral issues seem to be rising for Ron Paul concerning connections with known loons.
#3 H1s L0rdsh1p 28-Dec-2007
This isn't that new. A while ago, a writer from the American Nazi Party had wrote a blog on how he believed that Dr. Paul was a "secret white supremacist". Latter, another blogger, and an in depth member of the party itself decided to make a screen shot of the article and post it on his own blog. However, when you saw this "nazi's" desktop, you saw in the icons at the bottom left hand corner that he uses the program, Megaphone.

Trust me, there are a lot of people wanting to stop Dr. Paul due to his foreign policies.
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