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Look—A gaggle of dummies!

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez (L) points at the sky while embracing Cuba's acting President Raul Castro as Granada's Vice Prime Minister Gregory Bowen (L) and Santa Lucia's Minister of Commerce Guy Mayers stand behind them during the official photo of a summit of Petrocaribe in Cienfuegos, Cuba December 21, 2007. A dozen heads of state are gathering to attend the opening of a Soviet-era refinery that was refurbished by Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA. REUTERS/Claudia Daut (CUBA)

I bet Ron Paul would have no problems negotiating with such fine, upstanding leaders morality-free kleptocrats as this. After all, we put Fidel in power, don'tcha know?


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#1 Brent 24-Dec-2007
Photo Caption: "Look at that cloud right there, Raul. Don't you think it looks like me trampling my people into the dirt and becoming dictator for life? Huh, don't you think, muchacho?"
#2 captainfish 24-Dec-2007
"Hugo, if you do not remove that hand from my shoulder, my brother Castro will take you out of his will. yeah, that is what I would like to say to you. You are Castro's friend, but I don't like you very much. You smell too much like fish."

"Yeah, nice cloud." (smiling through his teeth)

(ok, lack of teeth)
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