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Santa Got Run Over By the IDF

Sung to the tune of "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer," of course.

Sweetness & Light pounced on this story before I had a chance to get this posted, so I'll just introduce the topic with the best picture of the bunch, and then send you over yonder for the rest.

A Palestinian protester dressed as Santa Claus, or Father Christmas, tries to block an Israeli soldier from arresting another demonstrator at a protest against Israel's separation barrier in the village of Umm Salamona, near the biblical West Bank town of Bethlehem, Friday, Dec. 21, 2007. Israel says the barrier is necessary for security, while Palestinians call it a land grab. The man was not injured in the incident. (AP Photo/Kevin Frayer)

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#1 Brent 24-Dec-2007
The whole Santa thing is a perennial photo op with the palestinians. They actually think that when western people view the photo they'll suddenly hate Israel for hauling away poor old Saint Nick. News flash for you terrorist freaks, it's not working.

Maybe we should send actors dressed as Jesus or Gandhi to protest muslim atrocities in Arab lands for a similar photo op? Oh, that's right ...while Israel merely hauls these deluded fools away -- the muslims would actually murder and desecrate the bodies of anyone using the same tactics on them.
#2 sandwiches 24-Dec-2007
There's atrocities and terrible crimes committed by both sides and each side tries its best to win using any military tools or propaganda, where necessary.

So, let's not demonize any one side since all that does is reflect perfectly the horrors committed by its counter.
#3 Brian C. Ledbetter 24-Dec-2007
(And to think I usually enjoy sandwiches so much...)


I'd love to hear what kind of "atrocities" the Israeli government is guilty of, and what kind of "propaganda" it's committing.

Here's the dirty secret of the modern Western notion of an "open" government:—There [i]are[/i] no secrets, there can be [i]no[/i] propaganda. Israel's hands are tied behind its back both by international NGOs (backed by the Untied Nations), and by its [i]own[/i] courts. Any action the Israeli government has even [i]contemplated[/i] has been killed before it even got off the ground.

(With the exception of horrific actions committed against its own settlers, of course. Israel apparently has no problem whatsoever with abusing them.)

Hopefully, with a bit of extra dollop of mayonnaise, you'll be as good as new!

Merry Christmas,
#4 sandwiches 24-Dec-2007
IDF bombs civilians

IDF uses civilians as human shields

Israel uses phosphorous and likely uranium weapons in Lebanon:

Israel admits using phosphorous weapons in Lebanon:

Here is just another list of war crimes and atrocities by Israel:

Propaganda coming after I have lunch.
#5 sandwiches 24-Dec-2007
I'm guessing you won't post this or the post I sent earlier where I linked all the atrocities and crimes committed by Israel and the IDF
#6 captainfish 24-Dec-2007
Ummm. Why wouldn't he post your post questioning his posting of your post? It is a post that talks about a post on a post site. Are you posted or something?

Sandwiches (I take it there are more than one of you in your head?), how you can blindly see that the PLO, Hamas, Islamic Brotherhood, and the various other Palestinian organizations are NOT evil and inflict terror upon Israel and even its own citizens is beyond rational thought. Therefore, I will not strive to make you see the light. Sometimes, the blind refuse to see the light, or the cliff's edge in front of them.

Israel is a free and open democratic society. Hamas, PLO, and the area under palestinian control is not. It does not matter that elections are held. Elections do not make the society democratic. For a perfect example look at the elections held by Pre-war Iraq and present day Iran. Voting under threat of death and imprisonment is not democracy.

Wishing for the death of your neighbors is also not a sign of a democratic people. Sending rockets and bombs to your neighbor on the one hand while claiming you want peace on the other is not a sign of a democratic people either.

If you want a pure example of who are the evil people, just browse your way over to MIMRI.COM and view some videos of the tv shows from PLO and HAMAS tv stations. Then, if you can go to Israeli media (like newsmedia) and see if you can view some anti-palestinian messages presented by that media, or by the governmental bodies the media covers. You can't.

So, as the Jewish homeland is the birthplace of the Jews, Christianity, Morality, Laws, and Love, I as a Christian will continue to defend and uphold Israel's life and liberty.
#7 captainfish 24-Dec-2007
Ok, your first link is the the incident in Qana. That was a suicide-by Israel incident and has been proven beyond a doubt. And, Human Rights Watch is not friendly to Israel in the first place being filled with Jew hating liberals. HRW also chooses to support and ignore pure, direct, and obvious atrocities around the world because they occur within totalitarian and socialist regimes.

Second link, a video by al-Reuters who was caught trying to make Israel look worse during the Lebanon battle in 2006 by photoshopping images. In the video, even the announcer says that the officer was suspended while an investigation was underway. Now, if you look at the video in unbiased fresh eyes, you have to ask yourself a few questions. 1) why did the humvee need human shields from rocks? Rocks would not harm an even lightly armored humvee. 2) why would the 2 men stand in front of a humvee if they were forced to but no guns or soldiers were around them? They could have simply run off. 3) What you try to show as prove of Israeli savagery only shows to prove that Israel is a true and open government. It told the press that this guy was in the wrong and was suspended. Would the PLO have done that? No, they use human shields when actual bullets are firing.

Third link, talks of secret uranium and phosphorous weapons. Well, being from USA I can safely say that the use of uranium in weapons is not secret nor new. And, its use is not outlawed by international agreements. The use of depleted uranium in weapons are used in bunker buster munitions. Uranium is also used in some nuclear weapons. Also, the website you cite is also an self-jew hating group in the manner of that one rabbi who recently visited Iran. To claim the use of depleted uranium is secret or experimental is naive and just plain ignorant. (also this site suggest a new weapon that will leave the surrounding area untouched but yet strip the limbs off of people).

Fourth link, is the original link shown in the third link and still snows no actual proof of massive Israeli use of Phosphorous weapons to harm and maim civilians.

Fifth link, has genocide in its title. The fact that no genocide has occurred makes me suspect right off the bat. And, the fact that this article calls the "Palestinian People" a "protected people" with "sacred rights" shows how biased and anti-Israel this article is. From the article, *Indeed, it is far more serious than that. On 19 October 2000 a Special Session of the U.N. Commission on Human Rights adopted a Resolution set forth in U.N. Document E/CN.4/S-5/L.2/Rev. 1, "Condemning the provocative visit to Al-Haram Al-Sharif on 28 September 2000 by Ariel Sharon,... "*. That in itself shows how inflammatory and biased this article is. Why is it against human rights of the Palestinians for a Jew to visit his temple mount?

Also, if you are unaware, the vast majority of resolutions from the UN are anti-Israeli because many of Israel's enemies are in the UN and they want Israel removed. Now THAT is genocide.

Also, did you know that the Jews were first called Palestinian, not the Arabs who are currently living there? The land was called Palestine by Rome in order to humiliate the Jews. When the Jews were dispersed and the Arabs moved in, the land was still called Palestine. When the Jews started moving back, it was those Arabs of Jordanian descent that were then called Palestinian. And now, you should ask yourself, why Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Iraq refuses to allow these "Palestinians" into their country? Could it be that they too know how evil and deadly these people are?!?!?

Reconsider your biases and open your eyes.
#8 captainfish 24-Dec-2007

(yeah, you got my goat tonight)

Please follow this link sandwiches,

Yes, you will have to combine the link to make it whole. This is how the left think. One, a mother of two children would rather blow herself up than take care of her kids. Do you see any people from a free society blowing themselves up? Also, why is it people on the liberal left (a person like you I am assuming) who sees no difference in the two photos posted in that link?

It is your blindness, ignorance and hatred of all that is good and decent that prevents you from seeing the truth in this world. That there is love, truth, and peace in this world. And it does not come from people who talk peace. It comes from the GOD of Peace. Only through GOD and Jesus will people ever find true peace. Note, those people who believe in GOD of Israel and of Jesus are those who are truly a peace-loving people. They are the peoples who spread freedom and peace through the world.
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