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Pakistan PM Benazir Bhutto DEAD

CNN is reporting that former Pakistani Prime Minister Bhutto, who was seeking to run against current Pakistani president-slash-dictator Parvez Musharraf, has been killed in a shooting attack on one of her rallies today. Musharraf is supported by the United States due to his efforts to crack down on militant Islamism in the northern tribal regions of his country, but it should be noted that Bhutto is not exactly friendly to Islamists as well.

Odds are that Al Qaeda or some other affiliated terrorist group was behind this attack—I would be very surprised to think that Musharraf, who has been the target of these groups for long enough, was behind it. Al Qaeda had previously tried to kill Bhutto with a bomb strapped to an infant, according to a recent interview.

Pray for Pakistan, friends. A nuclear power is the last place we need terrorists to take control of.

Update: As expected, Al Qaeda is claiming this attack. How classy of them.



#1 DJM 28-Dec-2007
I'm not so sure I'd dismiss Musharraf's involvement. I agree he probably had no directly influence, but at minimum, I think he failed to provide reasonable & adequate protection for this thorn in his side. I also believe Musharraf should immediately account for all the aid the U.S. has been providing to fight Islamic militants in Pakistan. IMO, he has not lived up to expectations.
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