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Rageman Parody Roundup

Y'all were introduced to "Rageman" ("Islamic Rageman"/"Hairstyle Man"/"Hand Gesture Guy") yesterday, and now it's time to have some fun today! Post your photoshops down in the comments section or e-mail them to me, and we'll see who will be the winner this time!

If you're not familiar with how this works, be sure to check out our Islamic Rage Boy Parody Round Up from earlier in the year, and the official contest results from last month. With luck, we'll be able to get a similar reaction from our newly-discovered Rageman before too long.

(I'm shuffling the submissions around a bit, so you can see all of them. I've also made this article "sticky" to keep it up at the top of the page. Keep those entries a-comin', folks!)

Doug Ross sends over this remake of a well-known classic:

Feel the fever! (Click to zoom)

Donkeyrock sends in his image, which is not only an editorial on an actual news story, but is watermarked with a very impressive logo:

The gall! (Click to zoom)

Last, but not least, the legendary dead has pitched in with a doozy of a pic—and it's just what I've been waiting for!

Larry, Curly, and Moe, if I'm not mistaken. Nyuk nyuk nyuk! (Click to zoom)

Get your high-res, Photoshop-ready pics over here.Our first entry comes from Free Pioneer:

Coming Soon! (Click to zoom)

Here's another one, courtesy LGF reader Slartybartfast:

"5 minutes w/ MSPaint and viola: Rageman!"

From Macker's World:

Breakfast of Champions

Since I'm hosting this little shindig, it's only fair that I practice my Photoshop chops. Hopefully, you'll find this one to be amusing:

Bound to be a touching production. (Source)

(Though maybe it would've been funnier without all of the silly text. Live and learn!)

As an added bonus, here's my little contribution to help you get on your way. See what kinds of delight you can come up with!

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#1 Brent 28-Dec-2007
I guess I'm dense but didn't see any way to email a photoshop image through your contact form, as you suggested.
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 28-Dec-2007
It's not totally obvious, but I had posted some instructions in the previous article. Basically, you need to upload your picture to a server on the internet (ImageBucket works), and then post the URL to your picture, surrounded by tags.

(You can read the BBCode reference linked underneath the comment entry form for other [i]tips[/i] and [b]tricks[/b], also.)

#3 Byron Solomon 28-Dec-2007
#4 Doug 28-Dec-2007

One more cleanup... :-)
#5 dead 29-Dec-2007
#6 Doug 30-Dec-2007
Hey, Dead and I didn't make the front page! I thought we had the two best ones... I sense a Zioneocon-Halliburton-Bushitler conspiracy!!!
#7 Doug 31-Dec-2007
Hey, thanks! I guess it's not a conspiracy worthy of an Oliver Stone movie after all!

I really like Dead's!
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