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That Dastardly Zionist Embargo

To those of you out there who think that Israel is somehow being unfair to the murderous thugs of the Gaza Strip, here's yet more proof that the terrorists are being somewhat less than honest. It's remarkable to me that, no matter how much evidence is given that the Hamas thugs are lying, there are still people who insist that they're the ones being oppressed. Remarkable!

For the record, disguising weapons as "humanitarian" aid is not an appropriate way for a civilised people to act:

A bag seized by the Israeli army is seen at an undisclosed location in this picture released December 30, 2007 by Israel's Defence Forces (IDF). The European Union on Sunday denied any connection to bags that Israel said were marked as containing EU aid "sugar" but actually filled with bomb-making chemicals bound for the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip.The Israeli army said on Saturday it seized 6.5 tonnes of potassium nitrate aboard a Palestinian truck travelling through the occupied West Bank en route to Gaza. REUTERS/IDF/Handout (ISRAEL)

Add to this all of the utterly false handwringing over other Israeli "humanitarian" outrages, and you've got yourself a pretty impressive picture of a hopelessly cruel enemy.

More on this latest indignation over at Soccer Dad's pad.



#1 Kevin 30-Dec-2007
I'm curious to know, and clearly will NEVER know, if the EU had anything to do with this. It's believable that some terrorist type put that stamp on the bag and tossed it among the rest, but it's not beyond belief that some faction in the EU actually tried to send this stuff.
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