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Like Playing Clue, only IRL

I don't know if any of y'all remember those ancient things called "board games," but there was a fantastic one that we used to play in the Ledbetter household when I was growing up called "Clue." In case you've never heard of it, check out the details here. And if you haven't played it, it really is a blast for the whole family.

So anyway, what reminds me of this little memory is Aussie Dave's latest little pastime, wherein we get to guess which account of nefarious activities in the "Palestinian" terror-tories is correct. Here's the latest—see if you can guess which one's accurate and then hop on over here for the answer:

Option 1:
27-year-old man
Killed on a bypass road in Ni'lin
By an Israeli settler
With a car
Option 2:
21-year-old man
Killed on a bypass road in Ramallah
By a Jewish colonizer
With a car
Option 3:
25-year-old man
Killed on a bypass road in Qabiya
By an Israeli settler
With a car

Which one will it be?



#1 Soccer Dad 02-Jan-2008
Trying to find out what happened in the Middle East is often difficult. Israelly Cool! shows us again. Snapped Shot likens it to a game of Clue. The other day I noticed that a Palestinian woman had been killed. The AP reported: Palestinian relatives of Khaldiyeh Hamdan react at the family house during her funeral in Maghazi refugee camp, central Gaza Strip, Monday, Dec. 31, 2007. Hamdan, 45, was shot and killed on Sunday on the Gaza-Israel border while waiting for relatives to return from a religious pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, Palestinian officials reported. She was waiting on the Palestinian...
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