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When In A Pinch

Don't have any of the recently-deceased handy in order to host yet another dramatic, media-driven funeral? Don't let that stop you:

Palestinians carry an empty coffin during a mock funeral for Palestinian prisoners who died in an Israeli prison December 31, 2007. REUTERS/Mohammed Salem (GAZA)

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#1 DJM 02-Jan-2008
Prisoners who die in Israeli prisons?

This reminds me of an interview KFI's Bill Handel did last year... I wish I had saved the audio, but unfortunately, I didn't. Bill interviewed an author who had interviewed Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. It seems Israel has a policy of being extra nice to prisoners in hopes that their good treatment will change the prisoners' minds about Israel. During the interview, the author asks a Palestinian prisoner about his time in jail. The guy was happy. He said he ate well, was treated well, and liked his Israeli guards. Then the author asked the prisoner if he'd still try to kill Israelis when he got out of prison. The Palestinian said yes, he would. He would kill the people he now liked because it was the duty of all muslims to kill Jews.

Such sweet people.
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