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Such Moderate Behaviour

Once again, I get a good chance to illustrate for you what it looks like when a society raises its young knowing nothing but hatred and death. You can hem and haw about it all you want, but the fact of the matter is that these children are raised by their parents to behave like this. Until the "Palestinian" people (Arab muslims, that is) get to the point where they can teach their children something other than death and hatred towards the Jewish people, there will be no peace in the region.

A boy sets a U.S. flag on fire as he holds up a toy gun during a demonstration in Amman December 31, 2007. The protesters urged Egypt to open the Rafah border crossing so as to allow Palestinian haj pilgrims to return home. REUTERS/Muhammad Hamed (JORDAN)

With children, it's all about the example you set, isn't it?

Update: It would seem that this protest is much ado over nothing—The "victims," who are "stuck" because Egypt will not open the Rafah border crossing, are stuck there because they refuse to cross into Israel first. Guess whose border is open for business, then?

Palestinians, returning from the hajj pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia, cross the Erez border crossing between Israel and the Gaza Strip after arriving from Egypt Monday, Dec. 31, 2007. Another group of Palestinian pilgrims, include some members of the militant Hamas group, have rejected Egypt's demands that they enter Gaza through the Israeli-controlled Aouja border crossing. (AP Photo / Tsafrir Abayov)

I don't call 'em the "perpetual victims" for nothing, folks.

Update x2: The Elder always has more. That's why he's so awesome! [Ed.:—Heh, got that fixed. Sorry for making you tilt your heads to the right for the past couple of days...]



#1 Elder of Ziyon 31-Dec-2007
Thanks for the compliments (as always), Brian.

Just to clarify: the picture you have is of people who left Gaza through Erez, took buses to the West Bank, through Jordan and onto Saudi Arabia, and are now returning using the same route.

There were other pictures on the wire services (such as ) that show Palestinian Arabs returning from *Egypt* to Gaza via the Keren Shalom crossing, so these are the people who prove that no one is "stranded."
#2 Elder of Ziyon 01-Jan-2008
Just to clarify my clarification: Apparently,according to the Independent, some of the Hajj pilgrims going through Egypt indeed are returning through Erez.
#3 DJM 01-Jan-2008
In a way, I can't help but to be a bit envious of Palestinian (and many Middle Eastern) children. Kids love to play with guns and fire. In America, before PC parenting, the best we could hope for were BB guns to play cops & robbers (My friends and I always played 'army') and a small fire now and then deep in the woods away from prying adults. But kids in Palestine - they get realistic toy guns and they get to start fires right out in the open, as long as they are playing "kill the Joos" or "kill the Americans"...

But I guess those Palestinian kids don't have television and video games to rot their brains...
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