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Taking Credit, Due or Not

There's something to be said about the insecurity of modern Islam, that it feels so compelled to continually claim full credit for past historical developments, even if there's no evidence that it deserves any. Case in point:

JEDDAH, 15 January 2008—The history of science and civilization, as taught by many institutions in the West, often fails to include more than 1,000 years of Islamic heritage and civilization, according to Dr. Salim Al-Hassani of the UK-based [Ed.:—Notice that this is not an organisation based out of Saudi Arabia. This is a Western group, attacking the West's legitimacy from within the comfort of the West.] Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilization.

“The Renaissance couldn’t have happened out of nothing,” said Al-Hassani while speaking at Dar Al-Hekma College here yesterday. “In the West, there’s total ignorance of the contributions of other civilizations. [Ed.:—Try repeating that statement around the various Islamic Studies departments on every University campus in the West, genius.] Did modern civilization really rise from nothing?”

Al-Hassani explained how many Western discoveries are of Muslim origin. There was a lost age of Muslim innovation and invention that Muslims are not communicating to the West, he said. It is not included in the their history syllabus or textbooks either.

It's cute to see the little lies add up—The Renaissance, indeed, couldn't have happened out of nothing. However, when one reads the primary sources that were written at the time the movement was actually happening, do you see paeans to Muhammed? Ishamel? The Qu'ran?

Yeah, as if.

In reality, most of the writings surrounding the Renaissance referenced Roman history. Greek history. And, last I checked, both of those great nations existed well over 600 years before Islam. So how is it that the Europeans looking to those lost nations for inspiration were seeing things of Muslim origin?Notice also that the article linked above doesn't actually reference any Western discoveries that were allegedly accosted from grasping Muslim hands. Why bother with presenting things like "facts" and "evidence," when the ultimate purpose of your message is ultimately evangelistic in nature—Spreading the control of Islam worldwide, in this case. Besides, there are plenty of fools in the West that will accept your statements at face value, evidence to the contrary or not.

'Course, I suppose one could always look at the great writer Dante's rather historic take on Muhammed, if one wanted to know what Renaissance writers truly thought of Islam.

Previously: Muslims invented everything. Also, did you know that Muslims discovered America? Ahmed Bedier of CAIR-FL says it's true, so it must be, right?

Personally, I think this picture sums up Islam's contribution to the world more than anything, but hey, I'm biased. [Ed.:—Actually, it's more accurate to say that I'm more jaded than anything, but that's what happens when you see nothing but the same for a year and a half...)

(h/t forkinsocket. Which, near as I can tell, is pronounced "Bzzzzzzt!")

Update: Let's see Islam invent this. What's that? Y'all are too busy burnin' stuff to invent anything? Pity.



#1 soccer dad 15-Jan-2008
A few months ago we visited the Liberty Science Center, which, at the time, featured a traveling exhibit called "Islamic Science Rediscovered." (or see a YouTube presentation here.) The point of the exhibit was to show how much of our scientific knowledge owes to Islam.

Ironically there was also an exhibit about science and engineering of skyscrapers. There was a whole section of the exhibit devoted to the world's tallest skyscraper under construction in Dubai.

There was also a chunk from the foundation of the WTC with a short bit of accompanying text. In the text there was no mention of Islamic "engineers" who destroyed both towers.
#2 DJM 15-Jan-2008
Of course. Muhammad stole everything from the Jews, Christians and Asians, so, from a Jihadic standpoint, Muslims do have a claim on everything.
#3 Cletus 15-Jan-2008
yeah he stole it from Jews, Christians, Hindu's, Persians, Jains, Greeks, Romans, the list goes on. Hell, even all the peaceful, non-violent tenets of his faith (all 3 of them) are stolen. The only thing Muhammed and Islam actually are responsible for is violence.
#4 Hard Rain 15-Jan-2008
"There was a lost age of Muslim innovation and invention that Muslims are not communicating to the West"

How about: "There was a lost age of Muslim conquest, destruction, slavery and domination that Muslims are not communicating to the West..."
#5 mean Gene 15-Jan-2008
Ahmed Bedier's link has been scrubbed.
I guess he considers the information so valuable that it shouldn't even be looked at by the likes of us.
But I do recall some muslims trying to adjust North American school history books so that Columbus had a muslim crew and our natives here all had islamic names.
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