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Mocking Mao

See Michelle's reader contributions over here, if you haven't already.

Michelle Malkin is calling for everyone to fire up Photoshop yet again. This time, we're instructed to come up with our best parodies of an undying idol of the Left, Chairman Mao. As you'll recall from last week, we just found out that his portraits were fakes, so it's not like he'd mind the mockery, right?

I'll be posting mine shortly. Stay tuned, and feel free to share yours down in Ye Comments section, as always!

Update: from Mr. Michael over at the Lightning Round, a vision of Mao, as inspired by Andy Warhol:

Mao in the digital age. Srsly, m i hot rnot, k?
Here's the latest submission, courtesy The Underground Conservative. Filed under "Would be funnier if it weren't so true," of course:

Harumph, indeed.

Alright, so it's not the best I can do, but what can I say? I'm in a hurry:

Your economy will do this. (Click to zoom)

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#1 Frank C. 16-Jan-2008
I put mine up at Sorry I didn't put up the entire URL but when I previewed my comment, the system cut it off. It's the second post now (Jan. 16).
#2 Mr. Michael 16-Jan-2008
Coming over from the Lightning Round... I just can't get this Warhol version out of my head 'nStuff...

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