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We, The U.S., Hate Bus Too

The only thing in the world that thrills me more than poorly-worded protest signs, is poorly-worded protest signs that are accidentally obscured. After all, without this phenomenon, would we have ever learned that the world hates BUS?

Egyptian opposition supporters hold anti-Bush placards as they protest outside the Bar Association in downtown Cairo. Bush ended his Middle East tour in an upbeat mood on Wednesday, saying he was optimistic an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal can be reached despite failing to win full Arab backing for his efforts. (AFP/Khaled Desouki)

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#1 captainfish 18-Jan-2008
Egyptian Bar Association? Isn't that like an oxy-moron? like a peaceful bomber?

By the way, "We WORID Hate Bus" ??

What does WORID mean? Is that Egyptian or something? And why are they protesting Bush? Context please reporters? Why is this well dressed man with lots of money protesting one of the men in Western democracies that has made his country rich?

CONTEXT please. caption, "man protests outside building. Oh, and bush was here in the country somewhere on other matters for some reason."

And what is with the picture of the 3 guys in what looks like military uniforms?
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