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A Culture of Brazen Lawlessness

What do you think would happen if you decided to go and check out the local meeting-place used by your local population of illegal aliens "documentation-challenged" construction workers? Say you brought your camera along to help get an idea of what was going on, and even went so far as to speak with the management of the actual business that is being harmed "enhanced" by the hordes of loitering masses standing outside, and he told you that the police regularly ignored his pleas for help in combatting presumably-still-unlawful loitering. [Ed.:—After a quick check, I can confirm that loitering is, in fact, still illegal in Virginia.]

Would you have guessed, "The police will pull you over and threaten you with violence?" Because in a similar situation here in Northern Virginia, that's exactly what happened:

Brave New Americans. Apparently more deserving of protection than Plain Old Americans.
I ran some errands, and on the way home, I was pulled over by Officer Sanchez of the Prince William County Police Department who read me the riot act and told me that the police had gotten a complaint. According to Officer Sanchez, I had screamed racial epithets at the day laborers, said I was counting them to see how many buses it would take to ship them all back to Mexico, and “racially profiled” them. All of this was on a recording somehow that I wasn’t allowed to hear. Although he wasn’t at all interested in my account of what happened (in police circles I am told this is a practice referred to as “collecting evidence” or “questioning a suspect”, which is something they apparently do from time to time), he explained that he had twenty five witnesses that would testify to this. [Ed.:—Yes, but without legal identification or documentation, would any court accept such testimony?] For some reason, and despite this apparently overwhelming body of evidence that an offense had been committed, I was not given a summons or taken into custody. He told me I shouldn’t ever return there because it would put me at great risk for being assaulted or killed. That’s right — he didn’t say there would be anything done about those who might pose a threat to the life of a law-abiding citizen, his advice was for me to not be in the vicinity of a problem that the Police Department was studiously ignoring. I guess this mindset is what may have emboldened the SUR-13 gang to start spray-painting their tags all over the public schools in my neighborhood.

There you have it, folks—Our government no longer exists to protect "Americans." But hey, we've been teaching our kids in public schools for at least the past 20 years that there's no such thing as an "American," so what in the world did you expect would happen?

Welcome to the brave new world, where lawlessness is the new law.



#1 dm60462 07-Jan-2008
"...on a recording somehow that I wasn’t allowed to hear. ..." because it never existed. I'm surprised that you are surprised that police would use this common tactic on you. In advice given to young girls everywhere, "if he does it to someone else, he'll do it to you." The first concern of police is to avoid as much work as possible. If they can cow a business owner into shutting up, they don’t have to spend time writing reports and wasting time on a prosecution they know will never dome to fruition. Like the bully, they go after the guy most easily intimidated. That is the American business owner and citizen, not the criminal (illegal aliens being actual criminals due to their illegal status).
#2 Cargosquid 07-Jan-2008
Perhaps its time for a GROUP of concerned citizens to show up at that location with cameras. And recorders, concealed recorders.
And that LEO should have a complaint filed against him.
It wouldn't hurt to have the press along with the next visit. Go "alone" like you did before and see if you get stopped. Wouldn't it be convenient if the press "just happened" to be in the area.
#3 captainfish 08-Jan-2008
"he explained that he had twenty five witnesses that would testify to this. [Ed.:—Yes, but without legal identification or documentation, would any court accept such testimony?]"

Do you forget that a convicted drug smuggling illegal was given immunity to testify against our border guards?!!??

His testimony was given more weight than our country's finest.

Come on, this will continue and continue. There is no stopping it. As long as there are people willing to throw America away and refuse to protect it, it will grow. As long as there are people who want to give illegals more rights than natives, then it will continue to grow.

It will only be stopped when we elect people who have a proven track record of enacting and enforcing laws AGAINST illegals.
#4 Captain_Lewis 08-Jan-2008

That photo looks like the joint on Jefferson St. (Bailey's Crossroads) about .5 miles from my previous home.

I'd love to see this incident brought to the attention of the local morning show (630am) where immigration is always a big topic.
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