The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

What's Up, Doc?

From the It's Always A Good Time for Friday Fun department—Many many thanks to jimzinsocal over at PC Perspective for sending this little gem along. This is the forum that first reminded us of Islamic Rage Boy, incidentally—I'm definitely gonna have to sign up for an account over there one of these days...

What's up, Doc? (Hint: Not your poll numbers.)

Oh, and just to make sure that the Ronulans pick this up with their dastardly Technorati canned searches: Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul.

If any of you scallywags have the original of this photo, be sure to post it here. It's definitely Photoshop Phriday time.

Update: Here's the original, thanks to Fluff 'n Stuff. I'll be posting my handiwork as soon as I can get around to actually creating it. Until such time, feel free to entertain yourself over here, if you'd like.

As an aside, I wonder if I'd be banned for life if the PC Perspective folks ever learn that I'm a dastardly Mac guy...

Oh, and just for good measure: Ron Paul Ron Paul Ron Paul RonPaulRonPaulRPRPRPRPRPR (boom).

Update: As they say in ye olde internets, I did it for teh lulz.

Oh, that Ron Paul gasbag... (click to zoom)

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#1 Electric Bill 07-Jan-2008
Wow that was fast.
I posted this at PCPer and within 15 min JimZ had forwarded it to you.
Glad you liked it.

#2 Fluff 'nStuff 07-Jan-2008
The original image, BTW, is here:

#3 Rooster 10-Jan-2008
What a faggot! Look at those shoes!
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