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One Man's Whistleblower

There was quite a controversy in the blogosphere a couple of days ago over Reuters' decision to characterise an ex-CIA employee who outed other CIA spies in Cuba, thus leading to their execution, as a "whistleblower."

It would seem that these complaints have finally reached the Editorial desk. Reuters responds:

Several readers objected to the “whistle-blower” headline, making a fair point. [Ed.:—Ya think?] We subsequently change the headline to:

Ex-CIA spy who exposed agents dies in Cuba

GBU Editor

For background, see here, here, here, here, and here.



#1 LeCoqFou 11-Jan-2008
Porter McQuarter Les coups que juste siffle plus ! L'Américain trompe. Saluer la grandeur de France vous cheval a fait face aux idiots.
#2 captainfish 13-Jan-2008

if you are going to post in french, can you also please post in english for Brian's many english speaking readers?

as for this story, I say.... he was an (*EX*)-cia spy? wouldn't he always be a spy who formerly worked for the CIA?
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