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Bigotry in Action

The press loves to harp on how "bigoted" right-wing Israelis are, but that doesn't necessarily reflect the truth of the situation (h/t Alouette):

Sapir College instructor who gained notoriety when he refused to teach a student wearing an IDF uniform in spotlight once more after student claims he barred display of Israeli flag in his classroom, berated her for wearing Star of David necklace

Cinematography lecturer Nizar Hassan is still on suspension from him academic duties at the Sapir College in southern Israel pending a hearing on his divisive decision to bar a student wearing an IDF uniform from his class – but a new controversy has already reared its head and is further threatening the Hassan's future at the institute.


According to the unnamed student identified only as A', she arrived at one of Hassan's classes with a backpack embroidered with the Israeli flag and was promptly asked by the lecturer to turn the bag so that the flag would not be facing him.

"I told him I would not do that – and then he approached me, grabbed the bag and forcefully turned it around," writes A' in her letter, which was also sent to College President Prof. Ze'ev Tzahor.

"When Hassan went back to the front of the class, I returned the bag to its original position, he then came back and turned it again. I picked the bag up a last time and spun it around.

"Nizar stopped the class, walked up to me, forcibly took the bag away from me and stuffed it into his desk."


But the heated battle over the flag was not A's only complaint. According to her letter, she met in private with Hassan some time later to discuss a documentary film she intended to direct. During the meeting the lecturer commented on the Star of David necklace A' was wearing.

"He asked me why I would even wear something like that. I answered that I view it as a Zionist matter. He then told me that he refused to see me wearing the necklace during the meeting," she wrote.

A' notes in her letter that prior to the aforementioned incidents she held Hassan in the highest respect and had a great affinity for his classes. "Hassan, with his charisma, was a great influence on me. Sometimes he would call me after classes to ask how the lecture had gone and he always praised me and my abilities. I remember several occasions where I sat with Nizar and he would analyze my personality instead of my work," she says.

Of course, since this particular instance of bigotry is originating from a more left-wing direction, I don't expect to hear any weeping or gnashing of teeth from the media over it anytime soon.



#1 LeCoqFou 11-Jan-2008
Porter McQuarter êtes un esclave noir. Saluer la France vous cheval a fait face au tas de merde.
#2 DJM 13-Jan-2008
It maybe just me, but as I read the article here's what I got:

1) At the end, A' notes the good relationship - a male/female platonic connection. Male willing to educate and interact with his student

2) (Muslim) Male discovers female does not agree with *his* social or political views, and she is unwilling to submit to his whims as he attempts to suppress her views

3) (Muslim) Male asserts his dominance over female by abusing his power as an instructor

Anyone else get this or am I just being too Islamophobic?
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