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Victims of the Department of Transportation?

Congress recently acted to repeal the test program they had initiated earlier, allowing Mexican trucks limited access to American roads under the auspices of NAFTA. The Federal Department of Transportation, not content with being smacked down by Congress, continued the program under a somewhat questionable waiver.

Keep all of this in mind when you read this story (h/t Westlander):

PHARR, Texas—A fiery crash on a bridge that spans the United States' border with Mexico left at least four people dead.


Three people in a pickup truck were killed when it plunged off the span and landed on a road below. Another person was killed in a collision with one of the trucks. Rescue workers are searching for more possible victims.

The pickup had Texas license plates. The tractor-trailers and another car involved in the wreck appeared to have Mexican tags.

Seriously, why bother electing another Republican to the White House at this point? The GOP is obviously not interested in defending the interests of Americans any more.



#1 Porter M.Corn 11-Jan-2008
This accident has nothing to do with the Cross Border Truck Program you mention.

This is a tragic accident caused by idiots (4 wheelers) who are in such a damned hurry, they cut in line at every opportunity, crowd the big rigs, including using the restricted commercial lanes to try and get to the head of the line.

And if you read the story, only the second accident of this proportion in the past 15 years.

Quite an accomplishment I would say.

Concerning the cross border program. The American public has been sold a bill of good by people with special interests.

Those with a brain and who can think for themselves should realize this.

The program has been operating successfully for 5 months, with close oversight and absolutely none of the chaos predicted by the opposition.

Something to think about
#2 Rooster 11-Jan-2008
Porter M.Corn is a horse's ass.
#3 Sonjay Dutt 11-Jan-2008
Something to think about Corner McPorter...
#4 LeCoqFou 11-Jan-2008
Porter M.Corn êtes un vagin du cheval. Porter M.Corn devez obtenir sur vos genoux, vous voyageant l'idiot, et l'arc dans la crainte à la bonté de France.
#5 DJM 12-Jan-2008
Slightly OT.

A few months ago, there was a HUGE pile-up outside a tunnel on a LA (I think it was LA, or in that area). There were 30+ cars and trucks involved, several people died including a young father and his son. When the police tried to account for the drivers of each vehicle, they found about 9 missing. Authorities won't say it, but many believe the missing 9 were illegals.

Residents of the area had long complained about Mexican truck drivers speeding on the roadways, which has several blind curves and too-short exit ramps.

#6 captainfish 13-Jan-2008
You know, within the first 5 months of my driving life, I didn't have an accident either. Then a year after that I had 2.

Porter, your reasoning is stupid. Based on your reasoning, the enviro-wackos would have no leg to stand on with their stance on storing and transporting nuclear waste. There has been no accidents with transportation of nuclear waste in how many decades, but yet they still demand we stop it. Are you one of those?

The point we are delicate to make is, there is no viable, safe, clear, secure reason why we should be allowing trucks free access to our country? We are trying to prevent people from free access to our country. We don't want to open it up to mexican trucks who can be hauling who knows what. And (i dont know) is there a section in this agreement where the drivers have to be fluent english readers and speakers? What procedures are in place to prevent transportation of things we dont want brought in to our country?

I know and understand that these companies have to meet certain guidelines before being allowed to enter, but after that??? what? Do you know how hard it is to make sure our own trucks are safe and secure, without having to throw millions of dollars at mexican truck monitoring?

How about using that money to hire more border guards and buy them bigger guns.
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