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A Happy Tear

... has been brought to my eye. By Reuters, no less:

A Cuban-American wears a t-shirt depicting revolutionary icon Ernesto 'Che' Guevara as he waits for Code Pink, an anti-war organization, who were holding a protest against Cuban activist Luis Posada Carriles in Miami's Littlle Havana January 12, 2008. Code Pink, Women for Peace, launched a campaign asking the FBI to add the name of Posada Carriles to its most wanted criminals and terrorists list. REUTERS/Carlos Barria (UNITED STATES)

Their caption probably could've been a little bit more clear:—The gentleman standing in the picture above is protesting against the Communist regime. Or, more specifically, he is protesting against Code Pink, who are acting as rather predictable, totally remote-controlled stooges of the Communist regime.

As usual. Marxists are the ultimate "birds of a feather," after all.

Update: Background and information here and a nice roundup of the unhinged-ness of these puppets here. Hopefully, the Babalu folk will provide us with a store link that we can use to purchase the t-shirt featured above!

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