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100 Percent Pure Turkish Pwnage

I just discovered that a Turkish website which is fairly adulatory towards terrorist leaders has been hotlinking one of our images.


Is that a Quran in your hands, or are you happy to see me?

The picture is surrounded by links to this website, which appears to be equally as terror-loving as our victim bandwidth goblin. Anyway, here's what their little house of bacon looks like now. Hope they got the message:

What's that? You'd like bacon with that?

Maybe one of these days, jihadis will learn how to use "teh internets" right properly.

Update: Ha! Two birds, one stone. Or photoshopped image, as the case may be.



#1 Kevin 23-Jan-2008
I wonder why you get hotlinked so often! I wish you'd replace one of the photos with "the allah in the koran is actually the devil" in arabic or farsi , or something like that.

#2 Phillep 23-Jan-2008
Uhm, Isn't that book being held in someone's /left/ hand? Isn't one of the problems in Gitmo guards touching the Koran with the /left/ hand?
#3 BelchSpeak 23-Jan-2008
You could always photoshop a burka onto tubgirl.
#4 Yiddish Steel 23-Jan-2008

Nice pwnage of the Jihadi fukk. You should also add a picture of a dirty foot in that picture behind or in front of the "bacon" wallpaper, next to Turbomb Mo.
#5 Ian 23-Jan-2008
You are a nicer man than me. I would have changed that to something like meatspin.
#6 Oftencold 23-Jan-2008

But my suggestion would be to use an animated GIF with two layers, the regular image and the altered one.

Make the altered on appear just for a few seconds out of every three or four minutes. The site owner is unlikely to notice for a while, and it adds the benefit of making arguments and accusations of lying and insanity likely amongst various viewers.
#7 captainfish 23-Jan-2008

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. BACON!

How can any reasonable, sane logical person turn down a good bacon sandwhich.

THAT is heaven.
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