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Candles in the Wind

Here's a good round-up of information related to the recent, totally faked power outage in the Gaza Strip:

Genuinely fake. (Suhaib Salem/Reuters)
On at least two occasions this week, Hamas staged scenes of darkness as part of its campaign to end the political and economic sanctions against the Gaza Strip, Palestinian journalists said Wednesday.

In the first case, journalists who were invited to cover the Hamas government meeting were surprised to see Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and his ministers sitting around a table with burning candles.

In the second case on Tuesday, journalists noticed that Hamas legislators who were meeting in Gaza City also sat in front of burning candles.

But some of the journalists noticed that there was actually no need for the candles because both meetings were being held in daylight.

"They had closed the curtains in the rooms to create the impression that Hamas leaders were also suffering as a result of the power stoppage," one journalist told The Jerusalem Post. "It was obvious that the whole thing was staged."

One would think that, if the press were aware ahead of time of a Hamas plan to stage a power outage, they would've included that little tidbit of information with their reports. And combine that with the months of Hamas planning that went into knocking down the border to Egypt, we're definitely starting to notice a pattern of "selective" media reportage.

'Course, considering the media's complicity in the crimes committed by Hamas, I reckon it's not so surprising after all.

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