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Might Be Worth a Mention

Hey, at least Reuters felt like adding useful information this time. I've bolded the part of the caption that was added in the refile:

REFILE - ADDITIONAL CAPTION INFORMATION IN FIRST SENTENCE An Israeli woman suffering from shock is evacuated by medics after a rocket, fired by Palestinian militants in Gaza, landed in the southern town of Sderot January 16, 2008. Israel killed three members of a Gaza family in a botched air strike on Wednesday and shot dead a West Bank militant leader, a day after Palestinians said some of the worst violence since late 2006 could harm peace moves. REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun (ISRAEL)

Update: Didn't get a chance to go into detail earlier, so allow me to elaborate a bit, if you don't mind. Notice that the original version of the caption left out any mention of who fired the rocket that landed in Sderot, while concentrating heavily on how Israel killed three members of a Gaza family.

In a "botched" air strike, even.

Also notice how Reuters doesn't bother to include the dreaded "allegedly" in its accusations against Israel, even though the accusations that are being thrown at Israel are not proven yet.

And even with the correction, which adds information that I sarcastically imply might be of interest to the reader, we're still left with the classic imbalance:—"Palestine" doesn't "kill" anybody, Palestinian "militants" do. On the other hand, the Israeli "Armed Forces" or Israeli "soldiers" don't kill anybody, Israel herself does.

By continuing to skew its reporting to the endlessly violent Palestinians' side of the story, Reuters is only helping to prolong the suffering of everyone in the middle east. Particularly the poor, neglected residents of Sderot.



#1 annie 17-Jan-2008
Thank you for pointing out the imbalance and bias in these little stories. It's all very insidious but makes a lasting impact as the misinformation is absorbed by readers.

They (the MSM) also talk about rockets "landing" in Israel as if they were airline jets. They don't "land". They are shot or fired and explode on contact.

Plus, I notice that Reuters did not actually mentioned that that one rocket was only one of about 40 that were fired yesterday.
#2 captainfish 17-Jan-2008
1 or 40. what is in a number. Like it makes any difference. Come on, they are only expressing their angst against an evil occupying tyrannical regime run by despots.

oh wait, you were talking about the other people... nevermind.

Yes Brian, great catch. keep up the great work. Would be a great book someday. You could name it BIAS. Oh wait, that is already taken. Darn.
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