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No Evidence, Eh?

The next time you read about Arab denials of Jewish history in the Holy Land, you might want to hop on over here and check out something more truthful. To quote,

"Death to history! The past must die!"
A stone seal bearing the name of one of the families who acted as servants in the First Temple and then returned to Jerusalem after being exiled to Babylonia has been uncovered in an archeological excavation in Jerusalem's City of David, a prominent Israeli archeologist said Wednesday.

The 2,500-year-old [Ed.:—That would be 3,070 years before the birth of Islam.] black stone seal, which has the name "Temech" engraved on it, was found earlier this week amid stratified debris in the excavation under way just outside the Old City walls near the Dung Gate, said archeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar, who is leading the dig.

According to the Book of Nehemiah, the Temech family were servants of the First Temple and were sent into exile to Babylon following its destruction by the Babylonians in 586 BCE.

The family was among those who later returned to Jerusalem, the Bible recounts.

Be sure to read the rest—it's all quite fascinating. (h/t Alouette the incredible)



#1 Cletus 16-Jan-2008
I don't get the math... If the seal is 2500 years old wouldnt that make it about 1100 years older than islam (6th B.C as opposed to 7th century A.D
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 16-Jan-2008
Hmm, how to explain this?

Math has never been one of my strong suits...?

Guess that's why I'm so obsessed with visual images, or something.

Thanks for ratting me out, bud! ;)

#3 captainfish 17-Jan-2008
Is this one of those zionist time warping stones? Man, they keep popping up all over the place...errr.. time.

So, I am truly amazed that this story got published. Doesn't this fly in the face of Arab history that there has never ever been a jewish presence on the mount? Wow, I bet they are really mad now. I wonder if they will take an extra second or two before allowing al-Reuters or Ali-AP to photograph their next homicide bombings.
#4 Cletus 19-Jan-2008
The Jews have been in Israel since 2000 B.C when it was ruled mostly by egypt, and they first established a civilization around 1100 B.C

way the fuck before the arabs got there

and I'd say that 2000 years ago shouldn't matter, considering what we did to the indians, but the indians were in the stone age still, with almost no technological or scientific achievements, so I don't much care. The Jews, on the other hand, were at the forefront of societies at the time
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