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The Religion of Peace (and child abuse)

To those of you who think there's no savagery in the 21st century:

A Kashmiri Shia Muslim boy beats himself with chains during a Moharram procession in Srinagar January 17, 2008. Muslims all over the world mourn the slaying of Imam Hussein, grandson of Prophet Mohammed, during the first ten days of the Islamic month of Moharram. Imam Hussein was killed by his political rivals along with 72 companions in Iraq some 1,300 years ago. REUTERS/Fayaz Kabli (INDIAN-ADMINISTERED KASHMIR)

Yeah, keep telling us that it's the West that's barbaric, and that Islam means "peace." I'll be rounding up all of the classiness beyond the fold.

(AP Photo/Dar Yasin)





#1 tnr 17-Jan-2008
video on this page
#2 Victoria 17-Jan-2008
Moral equivalent apologists will claim that Christians nail themselves to a cross during Good Friday (they do in the Phillipines), so who are we to judge?

But child abuse is child abuse.

In Brazil, the State prevents kids from riding on (Carnival) Sambodromo floats anymore, if they are underage. A social worker actually inspects them before they are trotted out into the Sapucaí. Many times, kids are forcibly removed, crying their little hearts out.

No matter how prosperous, that's still a third world country which reveres the traditions and folklore of Carnival, so don't tell me you can't conquer your culture.

This custom is disgusting. Shame on those who say nothing around them.
#3 Sonjay Dutt 17-Jan-2008
This came up in google ads, i wonder if it's a sign...

#4 GregGS 17-Jan-2008
You'd think they'd at least wait for a plague or something before resorting to flagellation.
#5 Dave Schau 17-Jan-2008
Wonder what follows this ritual for these little boys? Islamic pedophilia?
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