The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

A 16x16 Bundle of Joy

Reader Kevin has noticed that Snapped Shot doesn't have a "favicon" image to decorate the address bar up at the top of your screen (and in the occasional blog reader). Rather than firing off a complaint, though, Kevin has taken it upon himself to design one for us—and I must say, it looks really cool up there!

It's a camera, of course!

My sincerest thanks for the most excellent hood ornament, Kevin! I don't know how this blog got by without one of these electronic pieces of bling for so long! :)



#1 Kevin 22-Jan-2008
Oh dear, I feel lame. I was kind of hoping that you artistic types could come up with something cooler (I'm just an engineer).

Thanks for reading the email though!
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 22-Jan-2008
What can I say? I think it's cute!

(We're working on a redesign for the site, slowly but surely. I promise that there'll be a [i]professional[/i] logo by that point in time. Maybe. :) )

#3 forest 23-Jan-2008
At least the camera's identity is being protected ;).

So Brian, you're getting a professional design done? How about hiring Adnan Hajj to 'shop something up for you. He needs the work.
#4 forest 23-Jan-2008
Are the comments broken on the Turkish hotlink post?
#5 Brian C. Ledbetter 23-Jan-2008

Apparently, Serendipity doesn't deal cleanly with titles that contain "%". Curses, foiled again!

#6 Kevin 23-Jan-2008
The icon thing didn't work, at least not from here. You have to put a line somewhere in your blog template that says:


in 'greater than/less than' brackets, and of course the http part should point to your icon and use the image name.
#7 captainfish 23-Jan-2008
Hmmm.. all I got is an icon that looks like a piece of paper.

though, I am using the bestest browserest in the worldest.
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