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Geert Wilders is My Hero

The man's making friends, that's for sure:

Popular in Tehran.
A senior Iranian lawmaker warned the Netherlands on Monday not to allow the screening of what it called an anti-Islamic film produced by a Dutch politician, claiming it "reflects insulting views about the Holy Koran."

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, head of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, promised widespread protests and a review of Iran's relationship with the Netherlands if Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders' work is shown.

"If Holland will allow the broadcast of this movie, the Iranian parliament will request to reconsider our relationship with it," Boroujerdi said, according to IRNA, the official Iranian news agency. "In Iran, insulting Islam is a very sensitive matter and if the movie is broadcasted it will arouse a wave of popular hate that will be directed towards any government that insults Islam.

A "wave of popular hate?" Nobody's ever seen that before.

I'll be sure to mark my calendar, of course.

(h/t AngelesCrestHighway)

Incidentally, you ever notice how these "waves of popular hate" are always somebody else's fault? God forbid I point out that the Iranian government itself has orchestrated a handful of these—Which, of course, would implicate Iran as being one of the primary causes of these hate-ular waves.

Then again, why would it matter if these waves of hate are cynically coordinated by the dictatorial Mullahs? We've all got to feel their feeeeeeelings, man.


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