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Egyptian Bedouins Fire on Palestinian "Shoppers"

This is schadenfreude at its best, folks:

Armed Egyptian Bedouins opened fire in the air to warn away Palestinians, highlighting growing anger over food shortages and price rises triggered by the breaching of the border wall with Gaza, witnesses said.

The confrontation in the town of al-Joura occurred as residents on the Egyptian side of the border said shops had run out of goods since hundreds of thousands of Palestinians poured into Egypt when Hamas blew up the wall last week.

"The stores are empty and what is available is so expensive," said Youssef Ali, a Bedouin in the divided border town of Rafah. "The Bedouins are poor. The income of many Bedouins is not more than $30 a month."

The emptying of shop shelves and a block by Cairo on new supplies has prompted thousands of Palestinians to go home since Sunday, with some saying it was now easier to shop in Gaza than in Egypt.

So much for peace, love, and chik'n.



#1 captainfish 28-Jan-2008
"My Palestinian Arab Brothers, we feel your pain. We stand with you in your struggles. We will be with you in love and spirit.

Hey you!!! Get away from my bread stand. What, you crazy?? We don't like your kind HERE!!!"
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