The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Happy Monday, Y'all!

BREAKING NEWS—Thanks to the crack (alleged) reporters over at TNOYF, we've got access to an exclusive behind-the-scenes tape of Mitt Romney's (alleged) whisper-prompting in the recent Republican Presidential debate in Florida:



#1 captainfish 28-Jan-2008
who was there to prompt him???
Where was this person to prompt him?

Did no one else in the audience or stage hear or see this person?

If this is true that he needed coaching on these kind of questions, and he is nearly our best chance this term........ then GOD help us all.

Like going to Geno's Steak House and only finding Oscar Meyer dogs on cheap buns. At least this is better than the rat head on a bun the other people have to chew on.
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