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Super Happy Iraq Dance Party

How bad are things in Iraq? This bad:

(My warmest thanks to Theo Spark for pointing this little gem out!)



#1 Rooster 30-Jan-2008
LOL! That is friggin awesome!
#2 Yishai 30-Jan-2008
Awesome. Thanks for that. I laughed out loud a few times, and the rest of it I truly enjoyed.

We are definitely the good guys.
#3 BelchSpeak 30-Jan-2008
Best thing I've seen today!
#4 DJM 30-Jan-2008
Lol! I love Americans. Do you think muslim militants would do anything like this to entertain friends and family?

Not a chance.
#5 captainfish 01-Feb-2008
These guys, and all the rest, make me SO PROUD. The fact that they still have huge hearts of gold, nerves of steel, and a soul of a patriot should be made visible and a sign to all America that our fighting men and women are there FOR US our of their own choice. Especially kids in school.

(BTW, I think Congress and the Pres should be keel-holed for pushing this stupid future-tax increase stimulus package on us while our armed forces personnel still rot in some hospitals and veterans have to wait months for care back at home. I know, I have a friend who is a VA doc. How about spending some money on the guys who give blood on foreign soils.)
#6 Hannah 05-Feb-2008
OMG so funny! Very clever!
#7 BobG 19-Feb-2008
Oh no! Things are so bad over there! We have to bring them home NOW, before any more videos are set to bad 80's pop!

Hehe, that was funnier than hell. Good to see those boys are keeping their heads on straight over there. Victory!
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