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A Dictatorship of Fools

The press sure is taking the latest pronouncement from Cuba's one-party dictatorial regime pretty seriously:

Cuban interim president Raul Castro (C) talks with student Karla Toutelo during a meeting in Havana, January 28. Communist Cuba's government has announced that Raul Castro slightly outpaced his ailing older brother president Fidel Castro in uncontested polling for the National Assembly January 20. (AFP/Pool/File/Adalberto Roque)

I reckon this means it's finally safe to say Fidel está muerto, eh?

It is nice to see the AFP throw a little "uncontested" bone to Al Gore. Of course, Cuba is the government that has a slight tendency to lock up those who don't vote for the regime, but hey, maybe by the time we institute that particular electoral policy, Gore will stand a chance at winning something.

More on Cuba's mockery of an electoral process here.


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