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Third Holiest Site in All of Judaism TORCHED

... media silent?

So much for that much-feared evil, right-wing, corporate, Zionist-puppet press.

Gateway's got the scoop:

Palestinians yesterday tried to burn down Joseph's Tomb – Judaism's third holiest site – according to Palestinian security officials speaking to WND.

It marks the second time the Palestinians attempted to burn down the tomb, located near Nablus, the biblical city of Shechem.

Joseph's Tomb is the believed burial place of the biblical patriarch Joseph, the son of Jacob who was sold by his brothers into slavery and later became viceroy of Egypt.

Palestinian security officials in Nablus said yesterday they were called to the tomb to find 16 burning tires inside the sacred structure.

A Palestinian police official who inspected the site told WND today there was some fire damage to the tomb. He said the Palestinian Authority, fearing embarrassment, immediately formed a joint committee from the PA's Force 17, Preventative Security Services and Palestinian intelligence, to find out who was behind the fire.



#1 Pirate's Cove 13-Feb-2008
What was it? Well, if you listen or read most of the Credentialed Media, you’d have no clue. If you want to know, and, trust me, it is an eye opener, then head over to Gateway Pundit (h/t snapped shot)
Hmm, maybe the same should be done to the 3r...
#2 bruce 15-Feb-2008
i am not surprised by the silent lame stream media they rarely report on moslom perfidious behavior.christians driven out of bethlehem by muzzie killers not a peep out of msm,christians burned alive in churchs by moslom freaks no story there, however they never miss a phony global warming story.
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