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Let He Who is Without Sin

... cast the first stone. Terry Carter, you might want to tone down your rhetoric just a teeny tiny little bit, before you end up shattering the glass house your party is standing in. Behold:

Exhibit A:—Religious "Fundie" Who Did Not Inhale.

(AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Exhibit B:—Religious "Fundie" (When Convenient)


Exhibit C:—Religious "Fundie" Who Has Your Party's Nomination Locked Up (thanks to evangelical outreach like this, that is)


A warning to all "religious fundies," indeed.



#1 Terry 13-Feb-2008
Find me a preacher who was using STATIONARY with Democratic candidate's names on it (as was the case in the Mike Huckabee situation) and I'll bash them too. Until then, get lost.
#2 Brian C. Ledbetter 13-Feb-2008

Lemme see if I've got this straight—Actively campaigning in churches across the land? [i]Not a problem.[/i] Being endorsed from the pulpit? [i]Nary a peep![/i]

Throw out a pile of "evil warmongering neocon Zionist" [i]stationery[/i], and it's time to [i]call in the Army of One Thousand?[/i]

Man, I've [i]gotta[/i] try some of whatever it is that you're having this evening.

At least you've done a good job of illustrating why this graphic is still so [i]prescient[/i] after all these years:—


Jovially yours,
#3 Kevin 14-Feb-2008
"Let He Who is Without Sin ... cast the first stone."

Sheesh. Fine, I'll do it. Who did you want me to hit with it?
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