The Ghost of Snapped Shot

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Deep Thoughts on Election 2008

... and since deep thoughts aren't exactly a staple of this blog, I'll refer you to my buddy Dave for the meat and potatoes—We do spell potatoes with an "e," do we not?

The problem facing conservative voters in this election is deciding who to support. With the withdrawal of Fred Thompson in January of 2008, there is not a traditional conservative left to contend for the nomination. Many conservative voters were hoping for a candidate who was cut from the same mold as Ronald Reagan. And though many of the candidates proclaimed themselves as being that candidate, Thompson was the only one who could truly lay claim to that mantle.


Conservatives have to hope that if McCain does become the Republican nominee he chooses a strong conservative as his running mate. This would at least give the hope that if McCain is the next president, after his terms are complete his Vice-President would be a more traditional conservative candidate in the mold of Ronald Reagan. That would also, in my opinion, be the only way McCain could unite the party and ensure that he gets the votes from the moderate Republicans and the more traditional, hard core conservative segment of the party.


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