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Embedded with the Enemy

The Associated Press does us proud yet again, bringing us the first-hand report of people who want to indiscriminately kill civilians:

Palestinian militants from Islamic Jihad prepare to launch a mortar towards Israel from an area near Gaza City, Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2008. Israeli troops, backed by helicopters and armored vehicles, clashed with Palestinian fighters in Gaza City on Tuesday in the course of a raid on rocket-launching operations. Hamas claimed it fired dozens of mortar rounds and seven rockets on troops that moved into the area, but the military said only one mortar round was fired at troops. No serious casualties were reported by either side. (AP Photo/Ashraf Amra)

For more background on these type of antics, start reading here.

As an aside, I'm trying to track down some information about AP photos that were reportedly taken at the Hamas school-slash-rocket launching ground from last week that Soccer Dad has alerted me to. I hope to have more on that shortly.

Jack Williams asks, I deliver. Though it seems that this is a picture from before the first one:

(AP Photo/Ashraf Amra)

As the esteemed Lawhawk [blog] points out, Agence France-Presse was on-site for this Hamas photo-op as well. Here's a sample for ya—


Here's a question for ya, while I'm busy rounding up photos:—If the IDF were to decide to counter-attack this enemy mortar position, either with a jet or a tank round, the photographers in situ would almost certainly be killed. Were that to have happened, what do you suppose the odds are that the usual suspects would be weeping and gnashing their teeth over Israel's war crimes?

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#1 Jack Williams 12-Feb-2008
Whatever...but looking at the photo, we see that one of the Larry-Curly-Moe gang operating that morter is about to meet his 72 black-eyed virgins.

Curly seems to be looking away somewhere while walking directly into the business end of the morter tube, while Larry is piling something on the legs, while standing directly in the blast radius of the tube mouth. All this just as Moe is about to drop the bomb.

Furthermore, that morter tube may well topple from the recoil of the shot. It doesn't seem to be level... though I am having a little trouble seeing the baseplate and it's orientation.

I just wish we had another picture taken 2 seconds later.
#2 lawhawk 12-Feb-2008
It's not just the AP. The AFP was there taking photos too.

It was a terrorist photo op/glamour shot set for the terrorists, courtesy of their favorite photographers.
#3 Cletus 12-Feb-2008
OK so I'm reading soccer dads thing that brian linked to here and the fucking cock who he quotes (the Saudi Arabian douche) claims once again that a million iraqis have died. This is one of uncountable times I've seen muslims say that millions of iraqis (or millions of pali's) have died. According to Iraq body count, which is most certainly not on the right, 80-90 thousand civs have died, add to that around 4200 coalition troops and that's less that 100,000.

#4 jdow 13-Feb-2008
Ever hear of staged fauxtography?
#5 Brian C. Ledbetter 13-Feb-2008

Who, me? (looks around)

Yeah, you could say I've heard of it... And I've seen a staged photo or two in my time, as well.


#6 Soccer Dad 18-Feb-2008
If you haven't read Embedded with the enemy at Snapped Shot; you must. The comfort the media often has with terrorists is disturbing. The post reminded me of an article from back in 1989, when the NYT's Israel correspondent traveled around with terrorists who'd throw rocks at Israeli buses. If you haven't read The Waiting Game at My Shrapnel; you must. What's it like to be missing? If you haven't read Israelly Cool's The Hamas Spin Zone; you must. I ain't afraid of no Israelis. If you haven't read Imagine that: the State Department defines antisemitism at Daled Amos; you...
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