The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Happy Tuesday, Y'all!

Two raspberries and a half a cheer for being busy with real work. I can't even believe that I missed Fidel "The Corpse" Castro's big announcement, too! Argh! I'm betting that he'll "officially" be announced as muerte by the end of March, incidentally.

Ah well—Until I have time to get back into my regular schedule, here's a delightful little jab at Windows Vista, with mucho thanko to the Good Lieutenant. Mild language warning:

Hahaha, it looks like I've gotten pwned this time. Someone called "Blimp TV" has claimed a copyright violation on the above video, so it no longer works. For what it's worth, I didn't post the original copy—but I'm sure if you search "Vista Sucks," you might be able to find an alternate copy or two.

Oof, I'm gonna feel that in the morning... (Oh wait, it is morning! In that case, ouch.)

(Many thanks to you Linkopotamus readers for pointing this little issue out.. I guess my mystical Zionist rays aren't working as well as usual!)

Update: Thanks to Linkopotamus reader annie for sending the BlimpTV link. I've embedded their player this time, so if it doesn't work, please forward all hate-mail their way.

Well, unless you have any of my regular hate-mail. That you're still welcome to share over here. ;)



#1 discarded lies - hyperlinkopotamus 20-Feb-2008
Windows Vista gets pwned (U tube)
#2 annie 20-Feb-2008
Hi Brian, I found the Blimp TV link (Hope this doesn't violate their copyright):
#3 annie 20-Feb-2008
And yet, I can still see the video on your site with no problem. It really [i]is[/i] a Zionist plot :-)
#4 Brian C. Ledbetter 20-Feb-2008

Hehe, you probably won't be surprised by this, but I blame [i]Microsoft[/i]. ;)

Thanks for the updated link, btw. I've embedded [i]their[/i] player this time, since they provide a facility to do so. If they have a problem with [i]that[/i], I dunno what to say. Maybe something like this:


Warmest Regards,
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