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Personifying Denmark

It would seem that some of our most outrageously rageous Pakistani friends have finally come up with their ultimate personification of Denmark:

Activists from Sunni Tehrik party burn an effigy personifying Denmark during a protest against the reprinting of a cartoon depicting Prophet Mohammad, in Karachi February 24, 2008. The cartoon issue has returned to prominence after Denmark's five major daily newspapers last week republished one of 12 drawings of the Prophet that angered Muslims around the world in 2006. REUTERS/Mohsin Hassan (PAKISTAN)

I think it's missing some of the more cultured side of Denmark—don't you?

So how about it:—Can you, the reader, come up with what you think personifies everything about Denmark? If you can come up with something, be it a joyous Photoshop or a truly cultured side of Denmark that most of us might not know, why don't you share it with the rest of us? This way, we can help each other to get to know the real Denmark, rather than the flambéed version that Pakistan seems to be so enthralled with?

Will Pakistan's faux-outrage at the West ever subside? All signs point to "no"... but at least we can do our best to turn this into a truly educational experience, and have a bit of fun with it to boot!

More flambéed fun follows the fold.

[Ed.:—Isn't that a Microsoft font? I mean, it pretty accurately describes Windows Vista...] REUTERS/Athar Hussain (PAKISTAN)

[Ed.:—I Condemn Pakistan on Abuse against the English Language (IHS).] REUTERS/Athar Hussain (PAKISTAN)


(AP Photo/Fareed Khan)

(AP Photo/Fareed Khan)

(AP Photo/Fareed Khan)



#1 Kevin 26-Feb-2008
Next time, they should personify Denmark as a thick rib-eye steak and a potato. When they are done putting the flames to it, I'll even dispose of the remains for them!

(medium rare, please)
#2 DJM 26-Feb-2008
Did you see the video that caused Pakistan to block YouTube? It was so ridiculously mild... It that causes islamic outrage, anything will.
#3 dd 26-Feb-2008
Just a bunch of boys out on the town for some fun. Can't let the French Youth be the only ones with torches!

And oh, the irony of seeing a banner ad for Single Muslims pasted right below this article.
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