The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Happy Tuesday, Y'all!

Sorry for being so busy today—We're rolling a system into production over the next week, so things may be a bit sporadic until things are running more smoothly at the office.

Until I have more time to devote to you, I present what could quite possibly be the most awesome computer ad, ever:

All I can say is, sign me up for five!

Quick bugfix—I just noticed that some sites have problems with punctuation in our URLs here (most frequently "!" and ";"). I've taken a second to hack Serendipity to strip that nastiness out, so hopefully y'all will have an easier time copying and pasting ye olde links around. (h/t Mindstorm for pointing out the little glitch)



#1 Kevin 26-Feb-2008
I couldn't understand it :(. I don't even think they were speaking English!
#2 Donkeyrock 27-Feb-2008
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