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Sajad ♥s Salman Rushdie

Wow, I'm not usually taken aback by some of the comments this blog gets from the Middle East and beyond, but this Iranian reader certainly raised the bar on take-backedness. Salman Rushdie, you certainly seem to have a most devoted fan:

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f**k salman rushdie fack ur asS salman asSh**e... f**k r u doing salman rushide ... i want to kill u forever... f**k ur mother and ur wife ...

You might be wondering why I dumped the entire backend code for this comment here—and I've got a perfectly good answer for that. Snapped Shot is not your personal army; it's not a bathroom stall. If you want to post death threats here, and they aren't directed towards me, you can expect me to leak [i]any and all[/i] information about your visit to this little site in public.

Methinks Sajad might benefit from an advertisement for c1al1s or two. He obviously could use a bit of st3s$ rel1ef.



#1 Kevin 27-Feb-2008
He lives in Tehran. How unexpected.
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