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Musical Interlude

Things might still be a bit busy around here, so here's a little musical entertainment for you. Just in case.

I ran across this song on one of the FlyTunes radio stations, and while it's just a touch different than my usual fare, I think it's well worth it. So, without further ado, Zwei:

For my handful of European readers, I offer a translation. Hope it's a bit easier to understand! ;)



#1 Kevin 28-Feb-2008
This must be horribly embarrassing for them. I think they played the film backwards!
#2 Kevin 28-Feb-2008
This is actually quite interesting to me. I'm a big fan of Yuki, even though I don't have a clue what she's saying. But she, like this band, toss English words into their songs. Is that normal in the Orient? I've never seen it in a European or South American band. Only in bands from Japan and Singapore.

Pretty interesting, anyway.
#3 Eric W 28-Feb-2008
For the Japanese at least, this is totally common. It's hard to say but the average nipponite probably knows/understands at least 100 English-derived words or phrases. English is especially prevalent in business and entertainment circles.

That said, a lot of times it's used just for the "coolness factor." It's like how some Americans get kanji (Japanese writing) tatoos. The fact is most of them hold a positive view of America, and that includes our language.

The way their culture has embraced American values is rather awe-inspiring. There is a book called 'Embracing Defeat' by John Dower that chronicles this process with hundreds of citations.

With the exception of some of their social/cultural traditions that persist, I think of Japan as a mini, hyper-industrialized version of the US sans guns and God. Their gun control was necessary post-war and the God thing doesn't bother me, so I love Japan.
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