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Pre-Emptive Crocodile Tears Denial

This is certainly an interesting turn of events. Check out the caption to this photo on the newswire this morning. I won't reproduce the whole thing here, for obvious reasons, so allow me to highlight the key phrase:

...Israeli police are holding the body of Abu Dheim until his family agrees to hold a low-key funeral without media coverage...

I've long railed against media-driven funerals, and have repeatedly accused the press of encouraging this type of behaviour (even when said "funeral" is purely for show).

This, however, is the first time I can recall seeing the State of Israel actually try to take pro-active measures to stop these propaganda-driven parades of crocodile tears. It's definitely a positive development, even if Israel is being a bit inept in its approach to the subject.

After all, if Israel were half as "ruthless" as its ever-paranoid detractors think it is, don't you think it would've done something a bit more... well, ruthless? For instance, if I were the "ruthless dictator" type, I would've burned the body, mixed the ashes in with some good, old-fashioned lard, and delivered it back to the family in a can of Crisco.

With a bow on top.

With that alternate in mind, don't you think that the Palestinians should show a little bit of appreciation that someone in the Israeli state still thinks that "playing nice" with people who want to eradicate them will somehow make people like them?



#1 Ron 11-Mar-2008
If Israel were half as ruthless as its detractors say it is, the shooter's family and most of the neighborhood would have been obliterated by a daisy cutter by now (as would the "celebrants" who marched in Gaza).
#2 Brian "Property of the A.P." Ledbetter 11-Mar-2008
Hehe—You're darn right about that, Ron. Thanks for providing the [i]even more[/i] ruthless example for this story!

If I'm ever in the market for an evil henchman, should I by some chance be "elected" ruthless dictator of some eeeevil regime, I'll be sure to give you a buzz!


#3 Skul 11-Mar-2008
Seems to me that "losing" the pile of worthless flesh would be expediant.
#4 captainfish 13-Mar-2008
I say, Israel should slip in a bit of pork chops and bacon into the pockets of said dead terrorist before shipping him back home.

Ron, I totally agree. Israel should have just leveled GAZA. Taken it back since it was then found to be unoccupied. It was suicidal to give it up in first place. And now they are contemplating giving up Jerusalem and Golan Heights?!?!?!
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