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Open Ester

We ran across this amusing sign while we were out getting paint this evening. One can only wonder if this is the result of Gerry Connolly's continued efforts to diversify Fairfax County, a store that doesn't particularly care about its employees' religious proclivities, or some kind of coded message to someone named "Ester."

Thank heavens!

Incidentally, the Duron people over in Springfield are very helpful, in the event that you ever need paint in our area.

Or a fix of nice, loud, relaxing death metal.




#1 syruppy 12-Mar-2008
Regarding Exhibit, AP makes a farce of their complaint about your use of their pictures to make your counter-points?

When you see their use of a NY flood picture in NY to float totally unrelated fears about global warming--which will result in global flooding ... i.e.,

"Trains and Boats and Planes All Expected to Be Affected by Climate Change"


The ending is priceless: "The outlook isn't all bad, however ... The report says marine transportation could benefit from more open seas in the Arctic, creating new and shorter shipping routes and reducing transport time and costs."

Do you think AP may not know that most folks know by now the difference between reporting and gorilla-editorializing and editors lying and Rather-like sandbagging?
#2 captainfish 13-Mar-2008
Nope. Sorry syruppy. People are too stupid these days. How else can you explain Gore, Kerry, and the current crop of the last presidential candidates.

Now, could the store be talking about inorganic or organic acid in which at least one -OH (hydroxy) group is replaced by an -O-alkyl (alkoxy) group. Or are they talking about an unknown siege of Ester, Alaska? Are they being prevented from leaving?

Is this the new age's version of Free Nepal?

u no breyeun, thay kuld just be oozing Eubonics.

It is bad enough that we are not teaching new immigrants English, but we have stopped teaching native born citizens English.
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