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I dunno if y'all remember our pro-Palestinian Birthday Clown from a few months back, but it would seem that he's s/he has managed to run across our discussion of himself themself using Teh Google [Ed.:—Can't be too careful about assuming gender in these trying times... ;) ]:

i'm the clown of these photos!! is surprising to find this six months after...

to the sionist first comment... how you can defend a militar occupation of civilian, and left the palestinians without ALL the human rights...

what about the state terrorism (i don't know the name in english...), is the same??? you need to ask yourself more questions...
i go there and take risks for myself when i see the real situation of the daily life in refugee i don't believe in the media anymore...

freedom for palestine from Catalonia!!

Captainfish, I think Pau might be looking for some kind of reaction from you or something. ;)

And Pau, I think the fact that you were allowed to travel to Palestine, protest against "the eeeeevil Zionist regime," and travel back speaks volumes about how well the Israeli state deals with "human rights." Oh, and it's not like the Palestinians have a stellar track record on respecting those same rights, incidentally.



#1 captainfish 03-Mar-2008
Wow, open me up a door and then shut your site down so I can't even respond... geesh. I thought we were friends my militar?

May I ask one question first? Why is the clothing store "Catalonia" holding "palestine" hostage? Or, are you referring to that former Arab stronghold in northern Spain? I seem to recall something about those constant battles between palestinians of Spain and England during the 1300's. Or, are you referring to the musical group Catalonia? Are you saying their music is so bad that it holds you hostage that you are unable to leave your homes? Oh, but wait,, you just mentioned leaving to visit refugee camps! Are the refugee camps hostage of this music group?


You surely are not referencing the SS Catalonia are you? Surely not. That was an Atlantic passenger ship during the late 1800s.

Are you saying there are palestinian Arab refugee camps in Northern Spain that are being held hostage on a cruise ship by a music group? Surely you jest.

OHHHHHHhhh.. that is right. DOH. hahahahaaa.. you got me.

I forgot that you are a clown after all.
You make me laugh so.
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