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Whither Fair Use?

Maybe I should ask myself for permission to post this, too?
Okay, so for the next little while, I'm going to be going back through this blog's archives and flagging all of the stories that are demonstrably within my legal "fair use" rights for the wire service photos. I'm composing this list mostly for my own reference, so if you're not interested, feel free to pass it on. (I'll be blogging on current news as soon as I'm caught up with what's going on in the world, of course.)

For those of you who don't care about piddly little things like "fair use" and "article lists," I present this offering—The classic Atari game "Pole Position," played with humans. It will hopefully keep you entertained until this blog is able to get back on track with current events:

(With thanks to my buddy Ian for the excellent inspiration.)Ye Classic Article List
Oh, you're still interested? That's great! I'll be updating this as I find stuff, so please bear with me. These will hopefully end up being in reverse-chronological order, but we'll see how well that works out as we go.

Oh yeah, and I apologize in advance for the poor quality of my early articles. Profusely! It's as painful for me to read as I'm sure it is for you. ;)

#932: How People get Hurt in "Palestine"
#907: Associated Press promotes the Blogosphere?—If I only knew the half of it... ;)
#903: Selective Victimology
#897: Mission Accomplished: They got Jughead!
#890: Shameful Propaganda—Or, Snapped Shot makes a friend in the Associated Press... ;)
#882: Worse than Useless
#885: Wherefore art thou, Missiles?
Shades of Qana—Highlight the picture that led to the above story, remove the rest
#867: The Terrorist-Media Complex
#832: A Question of Extremities—Perhaps only captions necessary?
#831: Another "Cease-Fire" Rocket Attack
#812: A Matter of Perspective
#807: Anatomy of a Palestinian Funeral
#798: Thuggery and Press Conferences
#797: Embedded with the Enemy
#795: Hezbullah's Allies in the Press
#793: The Irony is Not Lost on Me
#786: A Chilling Photograph
#749: Free College for a Photo Op?
#729: Magical Self-Destructing Houses
#724: Truly Independent Photojournalism—Notice that Richard North was in a predicament somewhat similar to mine, though his site isn't as "photojournalism-centric" as Snapped Shot purports to be.
#701: Familiar Faces?
#681: Truth in Captioning Alert!
#633: The Nefariousness of Zionist Balloons
#628: Putting Chaos into Context
#619: A Very Telling Omission
#613: Something Odd
#561: Allegedly Alleged Militants
#545: The Commonality of Murderousness
#500: Qana, we hardly knew Ye!
#490: Hezbullah's Blatant Manipulation of the Press
#485: Cheerleading for the Terrorists
#461: Defining Demonstrations Down
#425: The complicity of the press
#424: Distorting Context through Photography
#320: That Apartheid Wall
#281: A good start!
#272: A brief flash of truth?
#252: A question of numbers
#249: Spot the Extremist
#248: Watching the watchers
#239: Nasser the Lion-hearted
#238: Those "youths" are at it again
#218: The Day of Fluffy Pillows (and RAGE!)
#207: Fauxtography in search of a point
#199: ________ stirs up Muslim anger (Snapped Shot's first introduction to Islamic Rage Boy)
#147: An unlikely shot?
#138: The most stifling of stifles
#127: The incredible once-burning cars
#108: The environmentally-conscious demonstrator
#105: Good old-fashioned airbrushing
#98: This doesn't look right (Snapped Shot hit #2)
#93: That's believable
#86: Unexploded excitement
#83: Yet another "Flat Fatima" sighting?
#82: The latest on the funny money scandal
#79: Another context-free zone
#75: The lowest common denominator
#74: "Flat Fatima" spotted again?
#71: Creative Captioning 101
#70: A sudden lack of context (Snapped Shot hit #1)
#67: And while I'm on the topic
#61: Finally, the qualifier!
#59: That's odd...
#52: The dangers of fighting an enemy with no uniform
#41: Round-Up: Parody images
#40: A case for greater fact-checking
#17: Does this mean we're winning?

Interestingly enough, be sure to take note of where my image sources are on these last two. The "mysterious" (at the time) disappearance of the AP images from Yahoo is the snowflake that led to this past weekend's little avalanche. Yet notice how the hotlinked AFP photos are still alive? (I'll be removing those hotlinks and swapping the pictures out with thumbnails once enough of you have seen it to validate my point, of course..)

#7: Laying it on thick
#6: Compare and Contrast time!

Editorial note: I'm only indexing articles here that contain photos. There's plenty of material between these articles that's "original content," of which there's no "fair use" issue.

(As I go, I'll be identifying articles that are "beyond" the reasonable limits of "fair use," and will be correcting them accordingly.)

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#1 Confederate Yankee 10-Mar-2008
Recently, Brian Ledbetter's photojournalism criticism blog Snapped Shot came under fire from the Associated Press for allegedly infringing on AP's copyrights, causing Ledbetter to take his site offline. Snapped Shot came back online several days later, sans images, with many...
#2 Dave 30-Apr-2008
God be with ya, I sure am!
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