The Ghost of Snapped Shot

Or, welcome to my low-maintenance heck.

Coming Soon!

Finally, an image I'm totally allowed to reproduce. I hope.

The film is reportedly on the way, though if it is canned by the ever politically-correct thought police totally sensitive editorial staff of the Dutch media, Geert has promised to screen the video on his website directly. Which reminds me—That's exactly where you'll end up when you click on this picture:

Coming soon to a Rageopolis near you!

(Mr. Wilders, if you don't like the picture being here, you know the routine. If it works for the AP, you can be danged sure it'll work for you!)

(h/t Atlas, who's definitely as excited about this feature film as I am!)



#1 DJM 23-Mar-2008
Who would have thought an American company would be responsible for censoring this film?
#2 Linda 24-Mar-2008
If Geert Wilder's move is not allowed to be shown, then I and others will know that cowardly dhimmi governments have caved again, to radical Islamists and that they are going to deserve the chaos and murderous Islamic regimes in which they seem to investing themselves. His website has been shut down as the result of pressure to shut down his freedom of speech and exposure of radicals who have the intention to dominate and rule the globe. I for one, am glad that I am too old to witness the coming hell.
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