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Rage Watch: Israel Stops Temple Mount Destruction!

Wow, this is quite an interesting turn of events!

I've briefly mentioned the destruction of antiquities that the Waqf—the Muslim group that has been delegated the responsibility of maintaining the Temple Mount—has been committing over the past few years. This has been a pretty ongoing effort, supposedly to "renovate" some of the Al-Aqsa compound's buildings, that has continued despite pretty good evidence that there is quite a significant amount of archeological destruction going on.

Compare and contrast the lack of outrage over the Waqf's verifiable destruction of historic artifacts with the seething outrage that the Muslim world threw at Israel after it had the sheer audacity to repair a walkway that was on the verge of collapse. A walkway that the Waqf was responsible for, incidentally.

Well, after all of these years of protest, the Israeli police forces have finally put an official stop to this wanton destruction.

Better late than never, Dudley Do-right.

Of course, this means that we can probably expect some pretty massive, ever-so-worldwide anger at the Israel state for yet another instance of eeeeeeevil Zionist oppression.

I've got my popcorn. How about you?

Be sure to hop over to the Jerusalem Post for pictures. You won't find any of that silliness over here.

(h/t Smooth Stone)



#1 Smooth 06-Mar-2008
Thanks for the h/t, Brian, I appreciate it.
#2 captainfish 06-Mar-2008
thanks brian. Glad to know you are remaining sanitized for my safety.

cause you know, the Radicals will appreciate you remaining AP-friendly once they take over this nation too.
#3 captainfish 06-Mar-2008
"Palestinian Authority Jerusalem Affairs Minister Adnan Husseini said police stopped the "restoration work" of "deteriorated tiles" on the northern side of the Temple Mount."
they had to dig a huge gouging trench to replace some "deteriorated" tiles? hahahaaa ahem.. why is it that those lies are believed over Israel's true and actual recovery and repair procedures on the outskirts of the mount??
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